NameCityContactAdditional Info
Eployment Center South and CenterArkady
The company can accept a reasonable number of refugees (no matter jews or not),
provide housing and job in the center or in the south (e.g. Ashkelon), but not only.
We open doorsAnya Antopolsky
We have collected the contacts of several dozen
Russian-speaking Israelis from different cities of Israel, ready to host
refugees, people fleeing to Israel from the terrible war in Ukraine
and from the totalitarian regime in Russia.
This database is being constantly updated.
That's why:
- if you are on your way to IL and you are looking for a place,
where you can stay for the first couple of weeks, contact us!
We will help you!!
- if you live in Israel and are ready to host refugees
for a short time, let us know about yourself (city you in, and how many people can you accept).
We can NOT solve border crossing issues. But we will do our best to find a
temporary housing for you in Israel after your arrival, as well as lessons for children in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Mathematics, etc.
Lessons and games for childrenRishon Lezion0545774118
Attention for refugees from Ukraine. Rishon Lezion offers help to organize activities an games for children,
Weizmann Institute Refugee CurriculumRechovotWebsite LinkThe Feinberg School of the Weizmann Institute invits students, academics and postdoctoral researchers to apply for the International Student Program. Details at the link to the site.
Please contact the program coordinators to apply or get more information.
Documents required to apply:
- Resume (with details of academic work, if any)
- Copy of the passport
- Evaluation sheet and list of courses from the university
- A personal statement about you and your academic goals and interests - no longer than one page.
- Please fill in your details
Humanitarian aid to refugees in NetanyaNetanyaMira 054-769-56-11 Dear people of Netanya. If you know families and/or individuals who have recently arrived in Netanya, they can obtain basic necessities free of charge at "Bialik Ulpan", 18 Rav Kuk st., from 8 am to 9 pm