OrganizationContactPhone NumberBank detailsAdditional Info
Israeli Friends of UkraineWebsite linkBank Hapoalim
Bank Code 12
Brunch 609
Account No 72988



bit: 0584774777

Common Name:
Israeli Friends of Ukraine R.A.
Money is raised for the purchase of Israeli medicines, which were highly demanded during the conflict in 2014-2015. We are working on logistics improvement.
National Bank Of UkraineWebsite Link
The Center for Assistance and Support at the Embassy of UkraineBankHapoalim (12)
Branch 167
Account 8188
Website Link
Jelsomino and
"Latet Ba Ssimcha" Fund
Anna Loitsker+972533308016 Anna

+972549821171 Sveta

+972503350753 Dima

+972548080077 Vova
Bank Discount
Bank Code 11
Brunch 055
Account 137115
«Latet Ba Simcha» Fund
Eli VolowelskyTanya Volowelsky+972546553022Bit on the Phone number
Money is transferred directly to the residents of Kherson villages and the Lviv refugee shelter
Purchase of medical equipmentValeria Nirenberg
FB Page Link
The phone number can be requested through FB private message
Jerusalem CaféLolaCredit Card

Serhiy K.
Café in Lviv, free food for refugees
Chabad HerzliyaWebsite LinkRaising money for Ukraine residents
Guy Amar - evacuation by buses and humanitarian aidGuy AmarBank Mizrahi Tefahot

Brunch: 517

Acount: 322431


На имяГай Амар \ GUY AMAR
A founder of a Hi-tech company, provided jobs for 400 Ukrainian programmers, From the first hours of the war he organized on his own the transportation of the Israelis to the border (and many more other good activities (good news spreads quickly, but news about good people even quicker).
....Still, many Israelis are left, but money has run out.
Yevgenia Danilenko Yevgenia DanilenkoBank Leumi

Brunch 851

Account 35039439

Yevgenia Danilenko
Evgenia organized aid to the victims: she buys and sends medicines, water, dry rations to where they are vitally needed at the moment.
Odesa Food Market FB Page Link Personal Credit Card
Nikolay Viknyansky:
5168 1207 0827 5584.
Food Market - free food and help with basic necessities
Viktoria Chernyak and Ekaterina Medvedeva
Volunteers in Poland
Ekaterina Medvedeva+972508351777Bit transfer: +972548137270

Brunch 039
Account 399469
Viktoria Chernyak
We are going to volunteer in Poland to deliver humanitarian aid. We are looking for volunteers with licenses and cars. We need donations to rent houses and cars

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